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Ivy Communities of West Ohio LLC

In short, Ivy Communities of West Ohio LLC creates high quality but affordable homes in "turnkey" fashion
coupled with low or no cost wellness initiatives customized to community needs and in
cooperation (not competition) with other wellness providers.

Ivy Communities of West Ohio represents a new approach to senior care and living.

By utilizing a unique partnership among non-profit organizations, private businesses, health care providers, and community stakeholders, Ivy Communities of West Ohio offers enhanced wellness and independent living options at an affordable cost.

Ivy Communities ... "More than a House"

Within the Ivy Communities concept, the house is merely a piece of a larger solution to a growing problem.  The mission is to improve the quality of life for our seniors, improving overall wellness, and controlling all costs.  It is accurate that we have created high quality affordable "senior friendly" home designs.

We have also created a development process that controls upfront acquisition and infrastructure costs reducing risks and increasing profitability for investors while reducing prices to the customer.

We have also worked with other organizations to foster a unique Wellness Program that creates a new level of cooperation among traditional health facilities, non-profits, private companies, and the community at large.

In doing so, a more independent and lower cost alternative is provided.  An additional benefit is the probable positive impact on estate preservation.

While traditional senior projects promote segregation by age, Ivy Communities of West Ohio fosters an intergenerational environment for the benefit of all.


The Latest News ....

February, 2017





For more information, to schedule an appointment, or to ask about our custom design/build process,
call Jon Heffner at 937-658-3641 or by email

Updated:  June 20, 2017