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The Skye Initiative seeks to introduce a ‘wholistic’ [sic] approach to wellness with an increased emphasis on exercise and non-pharmaceuticals, as well as developing community support for non-apparent illness and disability by using an intergenerational approach. 

After experimenting with programs for the general community on non-pharmaceutical approaches to wellness,
Ellen and I (Jon) decided to focus on children. 
We have long held a concern that today’s children
are losing their relationship with nature and thus God’s world... and are extending their fascination with computer focused activities to what amounts to a fantasy existence. 

There is a dependence on artificial and superficial stimulation and a movement away from physical activity. 

Ellen and I decided to open programs for 3rd and 4th graders by utilizing our specialties
nature for Ellen and horses for me (Jon). 

Programs began the spring of 2015 and were well received by the kids, their parents, and the community at large. 

 Programs have been expanded for 2017 and schedules will be announced in February.

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Updated:  February 12, 2018