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Skye Unlimited was started by our son, Lou Heffner a few months before his passing. Lou suffered from M.S. and other neurological issues. Though an excellent athlete, he had periods lasting for days where he was in great pain and limited mobility.   

      As Lou designed it, Skye Unlimited seeks to introduce a non-pharmaceutical approach to wellness with an increased emphasis on exercise and outdoor activity as well as developing an understanding for those with non-apparent afflictions.   

As we had already assisted with a senior initiative, the Gathering Place, we decided to emphasize youth programs through Skye Unlimited. The project is named after Skye Heffner, daughter of Lou and Kelly. 

      We have long held a concern that todayís children are losing their relationship with nature and Godís world . . . . and are extending their fascination with computer focused indoor activities to what amounts to a fantasy existence.

       There is a dependency on artificial and superficial stimulation and a movement away from physical activity.

      Ellen offers individual and small group activities focused on nature and natural art. She utilizes both Hickory Trail Farm and the Secret Gardens at the Village Centre in Russia.

      I (Jon) began a program teaching horsemanship and the values related to that discipline. The Hickory Trail Horse Club currently has 21 participants including 14 kids, 6 parents, and 1 single adult.





Updated:  August 24, 2018